Locum Tenens & Transition Staffing Support for Government Facilities

As a registered government contractor, LifeMedix can provide both short- and long-term locum tenens and transition staffing support to federal facilities, including:

  • VA Hospitals
  • Indian Health Service and Tribal Facilities
  • Department of Defense Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities

LifeMedix, LLC, founded in 2011, established a dedicated medical staffing division in 2018 to serve and support Federal, state, and local government agencies. The LifeMedix team provides physician and advanced practitioner staffing services to Federal, state, and local healthcare organizations. As a physician-led organization, LifeMedix understands the deep intricacies of providing excellent care to patients in medical treatment facilities within the Department of Defense, Indian Health Services, Veteran Affairs, Social Security Administration, and Homeland Security. As a dedicated partner, we:

  • Commit to not only identifying a facility’s pain points, but also to understanding them to provide the best service and solution(s)
  • Recruit and screen physicians to match Statement of Work
  • Ensure each provider we submit has the appropriate government and CPRS experience and a realistic expectation of the practice environment
  • Cultivate and maintain a deep understanding of government-specific credentialing and background investigation processes
  • Confirm each provider has completed all government training requirements necessary to fulfill each contract
  • Carry out on-site visits to meet administrators and view the facility
  • Arrange quarterly meetings to receive feedback and assess performance
  • Offer real-time conflict resolution
  • Provide a schedule of our providers, which can include permanent scheduling to maintain seamless coverage
  • Focus on continuity of care

A LifeMedix team of recruiters, credentialing specialists, and bid managers is dedicated to each of our government contracts. We encourage you to contact us to discuss how we may help you and your facility.