Strategic Investor Commits to Additional Investment

(Cleveland, OH) A strategic investor has committed to an additional round of seed B funding. This will allow LifeMedix® to continue to move ahead with our vision of creating a simple, nurse intuitive, rugged, independently powered intravenous infusion system that ranges from bolus to titration rates for prehospital care, air ambulances, special operations, military medics, national disaster preparedness, and others in the first-responder markets.

LifeMedix® and MAGNET Engineering Group Collaboration

LifeMedix® and MAGNET have agreed to collaborate on the anti-shock resuscitation device. Using Ohio Third Frontier funding, MAGNET, an Ohio Edison Technology Center, and LifeMedix® will produce the next generation Beta prototype that will be the basis for clinical testing, bench testing and regulatory approval. MAGNET’s expertise in engineering and design has a proven track record. A team of 12 engineers, FDA regulatory consultants, interns, doctors, and support staff is collaborating to produce prototype.

GLIDE Awards Funding

GLIDE, the Great Lakes Innovation Development Enterprise, awarded LifeMedix the GLIDE B Grant in February, 2011, for the development of the anti-shock resuscitation device they are currently developing. The device has been hailed by military medics and first responders alike. GLIDE administers the Innovation Fund and awarded several grants to various companies this round.

We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to everyone who helped make this funding opportunity possible. We appreciate that you share our vision for creating a new device that can save lives.